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by Simone Snyder, LMT, ICCE

 “One Recumbent Mommy”

A Humorous encounter with bed rest

By Rachel Blumenthal

I have never worked with a mom on bed rest but I would like to think I would attempt to approach it the same way Rachel did in her book, with humor. What else can you do? Your outlook and the way you react to the situation is very important, especially when dealing with bed rest in pregnancy. I am so happy this book exists.

This book is part journal, part blog about the author’s experience with being placed on bed rest. At twenty weeks she was told she had an incompetent cervix and was checked in to the hospital. Her husband brought her the computer and encouraged her to start writing. What we are given is the edited version of the blog she wrote that was originally designed to keep her family and friends updated as time went on.

I have to say it is very funny. She writes about all the “ups and downs, ins and outs” of being stuck in bed. She even includes some photos. I can see myself lending this book to a friend or client who finds themselves in a similar position. I think it is also a good read for those of us working with pregnant women because it gives us the opportunity to feel what it might be like, to see it from a different perspective. I enjoyed this book very much and appreciate that Rachel was brave enough to share her experience with the world.

“Wherever I am, I will love you still”

A book about extended hospital stay

By Rachel Blumenthal

Illustrated by Juliette Kopp

Written by the same author this book is designed for big brothers and sisters. It is the account of a little boys experience with his mom having to  stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. It was designed to help the older sibling understand the situation and give him or her something to relate to. Just like we prepare siblings for the arrival for a new baby, this book is a good resource to have on hand for families that might need extra support for their older child.

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